Youth Season

Season Schedule
The youth season (approximately 3 months) begins in Novemeber and runs through February.   See the full schedule here.

Our goal for the Youth program is to introduce new kids to the sport and help more experienced wrestlers improve their skills.  Wrestling is not a sport for everyone, but we want to make it accessible to everyone.  We want your kids to have a safe and fun experience.

Practices – Split into 2 times (with overlapping coaching)
To effectively coach all skill levels and all age groups, we split practices into a beginner/younger group (K-3rd Grade) and advanced/older group (4th -8th Grade). See calendar for specific times.  If you are not sure which practice your wrestler should be in, that is fine.  Coaches will help align based on age, skillset, and weight.

Practices will be in the Cretin-Derham Hall wrestling room.  The address for Cretin-Derham Hall is 550 S Albert St, St Paul, MN 55116.  Park and enter at the Activity entrance / drop-off area (West).  We will have signs near the entrance directing you to the wrestling room during the first week.

Wrestling Gear
For practices, shorts, t-shirt, and wrestling shoes (or socks are also fine).  Headgear is optional, but recommended for live wrestling.  We will have a box of loaner shoes available as well as headgear.  For competition, shorts and a compression shirt, or a singlet can be worn.

Registration fee is $40 per participant for the season (with a max of $100 if you have 3 or more children).  We purposely keep the registration costs very low in order to make the sport accessible to all.  If you are able to afford more, we appreciate any additional donations to help continue to support the sport of wrestling. Financial assistance with the registration fee is available if needed. Register Here

Questions regarding the program and/or financial assistance can be directed to: Shawn Wood at